Are you involved with a Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Rescue Squad or Volunteer Fire Department and have issues with your local government support of your operations? Or does your local government give you all the support you need?  I’d like to ask some questions for an upcoming article to appear in an EMS Trade publication.

ALL responses will be kept anonymous – NO names of corps/squads/departments will be used – NO names of municipalities will be used – YOUR NAME will NOT be used. I am interested in compiling comments ONLY. Your email will be deleted after the article is published. I am interested in hearing from directors and officers, agency members (current or former), local residents, commissioners and lawyers, and even government officials.

Would you please send responses to and put the words LOCAL SUPPORT in the subject line – I need these responses by midnight, Saturday, October 20, 2012.

Please send me your comments regarding (please answer any or all):

1) Do you believe your local government supports your agency’s mission? Why or why not? Does the support, or lack of support, have a substantial effect on your organization? How is the government support reflected in the overall community support?

2) Has this level of support always been like this or is it just the current government administration? What is the average level of communication you have with your local government officials?

3) What types of things exemplify the level of support you receive from your local government? Have you asked for greater support and been denied?

4) What has your agency done to work with the level of support it receives from your local level of government?

5) Are you all volunteer, mixed vollie and paid, or paid? Are you a non-profit 501C3 agency? Are you a 24×7 agency?

6) Do you respond to 911 calls or just pre-arranged transports? What level of service do you provide – ALS, BLS or other? Do you bill for services?

7) Do you receive monetary support from your local government (ie: budget)? Are you a tax-district?

8) Who pays for/buys your equipment? Vehicles? Expendable items? Overhead? Fuel? Insurance?

9) Is there anything you would say to your local government officials (totally anonymous)?

10) Do you have an open communication with your town residents regarding government support?

Thanks so much for your help!