A Friendly Photo Tip

November 20, 2011

Exploring your digital camera

Take the time to explore the features of your digital camera. Many cameras offer more features than a simple lens and “push-here” button. You will find that your camera may offer you ways to almost guarantee the perfect shot.

Does your camera have a Histogram graph? A Histogram? What’s a Histogram?

A Histogram is a graph that displays how light is distributed in your picture. The left side of the graph represents the shadows, while the highlights are on the right. You’ll find directions in your camera’s manual to learn how to switch the Histogram graph on while you review your pictures. Reviewing the tones of a shot on the spot can offer you a chance to redo the picture and capture a great image.

Learning about Histograms in photo editing will also serve you well as you can possibly “fix” a few of those original “oopsies”.

A Histogram of a well-balanced photo.


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