A Friendly Writing Tip

August 7, 2011

Study Your Target

Decide WHO your potential readers are. This means if you want to write for a specific publication (magazine, newspaper, blog, etc.), find out who the readers are. The age, gender, location, career, and other factors will have a lot of influence on your terminology, basic vocabulary, references and topic; for instance, a 40-year old would have a greater understanding of references to a 70’s sitcom than a 20-year old would.

Consider your target if you are writing fiction as well. Learn the demographics as to who reads the genre you write in. Consider the social mores for the region/country/religion/age-group you are writing about and for and avoid offending potential readers. When you begin to market your book or story, concentrate on the folks who are going to be (hopefully) reading it; place ads in the periodicals the target group reads, for instance, don’t try to sell erotic to school-age YA suppliers.


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