A friendly writing tip – July 3, 2011

July 3, 2011

When writing fiction and creating characters, make sure that just like in real life, NO ONE is all good or all bad.

If your hero/heroine is PERFECT, no one will relate, he/she will be just too unreal, too boring, or too disgusting.  Endear your hero to your readers with a few vulnerabilities, a minor (even if exasperating) bad habit, and a desire to be “better”.

Every real life villain at one time (at least) had someone who loved them and cared about them. Even if your bad guy disappoints, give your readers some reason to hope for redemption to keep your story more engrossing. Be careful not to make your villain too sympathetic such as a complete victim of circumstance – show that this no-goodnik had a choice and chose to do evil.


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